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This month, we'd like to begin introducing you to our trade members that help sponsor the Professional Photographer's of Canada and announce a blog contest. In our previous post, we introduced you to member Maggie Habieda-Nowakowski from Oakville, ON, and her award winning feature album. This album was designed by Maggie, and printed by Artistic Album Designer in an Album Epoca EventBook. Artistic Album Designer, based out of Oakville, ON, is a trade member of the PPOC, and also an active sponsor of the PPOC. Artistic Album Designer is the Canadian supplier of Album Epoca and offers numerous albums, books and an album designing software. In a mission statement written on their website, they had this to say: "We are not mere suppliers of albums; we are your partners in business and aim at making our common business grow!" Artistic Album Designer, Album Epoca, Maggie Habieda-Nowakowski As for the blog contest, we want to increase the interaction on the blog with our reader's and those member's whose work is showcased here. To enter this contest, all you have to do is comment on any blog post and your name will be entered into a draw; let the Best in Class trophy winner know how much you appreciate their vision, share in the celebration of a new photographer who has had their first image of the day, or thank a featured member for the advice they have passed on. As the winner, you will receive an EventBook up to 20 pages (40 sides, size 10x10, 8x11, 8x12 or 11x8) from Artistic Album Designer. You must be a PPOC member to win (if you are not a member but would like to find out more information on membership, please click here) and you can enter as often as you like. Good luck to all who enter! We would like to thank Artistic Album Designer for their continued support of the PPOC and for the donation of this month's blog contest prize! We encourage you to support the trade members that help support the PPOC! To view more examples of Artistic Album Designers products, please visit their website: Artistic Album Designers or contact Abbas at 1.800.387.2288.


Abbas and his wife are amazing people who care about those they serve. I love to see his smiling face at conventions!

These look beautiful

I've really like the album I got from Album Epoca and look forward to dealing again with the great people at Artistic Album Designer.

Epoca is a great album company, their quality and variety of products is amazing and Abbas gives customer service that is second to non.

Abbas is a very patient and trustworthy supplier who truly wants your business to succeed. A great company to partner with!

I have never tried these albums, so would be great to win! Definitley will check it out.

Truly this is a work of art. Not just a photograph but a collection to last a lifetime. Just lovely and very inspiring.

Epoca is the only album I offer to my clients. Not only because they are the best albums on the market right now but also for the amazing service Abbas and his wife provide. Do yourself a favor, call Abbas :-)

Thanks for the opportunity :)

Thanks for the opportunity to win this great product!