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PPOC-BC LMB Creative Series with Wayne Hoecherl

Reminder of tonights speaker:

PPOC-BC LMB Creative Series with Wayne Hoecherl

Vancouver, BC | Big Rock Urban Brewery & Eatery

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Online Image Critiques

The PPOC believes that it is important to maintain an interaction with its members to discuss how their work relates to this full range of saleable professional imagery. Having a membership that fully understands how to recognize what is a professional saleable image baseline is better for all professional photographers.

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PPOC-BC Board Election Info 2017

General Election Information

The BC Region moved its elections to cycle with the PPOC national elections at the request of PPOC starting for June 1st 2016. We continue to elect approximately half the regional board each year for a two year term. By doing this we continue the tradition of retaining at least half of the current experienced members each year.

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PPOC-BC Elections 2017

BC Regional Elections for 2017

Nominations of Candidates for 2017 BC Regional Board are open now. Nominations close on March 15th 2017

Nomination / Consent - Download Form Here

for more info contact:

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Travel Tricks Part 2 - Choosing the right Point and Shoot travel camera

There are several things to consider when buying a Point and Shoot camera for travel. And yes, you need to buy one. Trust me. You may not get any award winning photographs from it (although you can and may), but chosen well, it will help you with your thought process and scene selection, as well as help your marriage!

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Travel Tricks - Part 1 - What kind of picture are you taking?

For a photographer, vacations can become a bit of a stressful event. There is the stress of the vacation itself (yes, although they are supposed to relax you, studies have shown that vacations can be more stressful than everyday life!), the stress of sleeping in different beds, of keeping a bunch of people busy and happy, and lastly, of trying really hard to document the trip.

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The OBSERVER Series - Part 1 - The Pre-accreditation Process

The OBSERVER Series – a series of articles for PPOC Observer Members

Part 1 – The Pre-Accreditation Process

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