WPC Team Canada Finalists 2017


Place of Worship by Alph Leydon

All My Docks in a Row by Chistine Hess

Heavenly Design by Keelsey Qualman


Road to Atlantis by Trevor Pottelberg

Guided by the wind by Liette Gilbert

Last Dance by Daphne Carlyle


A Lion in Winter by Paul Wright

Portraits of Addiction:  Victoria and Dealer at Cobalt Hotel by Gabor Gasztonyi

Winning Finish by Brad Allen


Heading Into the Rain by Frances Litman

Enchanted by Joseph Simone

Wedding Beauty by Nikki Harrison

Illustration - Digital Art

Love Connects by Joel Robinson

Eve by Karen Ceraldi

St. Michael by Nikki Harrison


Window Light by Nikki Harrison

Dreaming by Louise Simone

Fossil by Liette Gilbert