Accreditation - Animal Portrait: Berni Wood

We are now down to less than a month until the next accreditation deadline of September 15th! Today, we continue with featuring successful accreditation portfolios in hopes that it will help those members preparing portfolio's for the first time. Berni Wood from Charlottetown, PEI is now nationally accredited in animal portrait. The category states that a successful animal portrait should "demonstrate the ability to capture personality and character of the animal". Congratulations Berni! We look forward to seeing your new accreditation submissions! "Originally, I was a self-taught photographer. Years later I studied the Complete Course in Professional Photography from the New York Institute of Photography, the Digital Photography I & II programs at Holland College (PEI), took a number of Scott Kelby workshops, and I had the good fortunate of having Beth Green from Beth Green Studios in New York City as my photography mentor. A combination of all these, along with varied experience, has helped me become a better photographer. My areas of photographic interest are quite broad, however, I tend to spend most of my time in the areas of portraiture (people & animals), botanical, and commercial. That said, I also photograph weddings, grads, daycares, scenics, etc. I have a small studio in my house which I use primarily for portraits (head shots, glamour, grads), and companion animals. Accreditation - Animal Portrait: Berni Wood I submitted for accreditation because I knew if I was accepted, that it would demonstrate that I am capable of delivering above average quality photography in a specified category. Accreditation is good way of receiving a comprehensive evaluation from qualified photography professionals that are judging your work to determine if you met or exceeded established standards set out by Professional Photographers of Canada. Being accredited helps with self-confidence and establishes credibility with your peers and your clients. It helps assure your clients that you are qualified in that category of photography that they are paying you for. I am now accredited in animal portraits, botanical and pictorial/scenic, all of which which give me a great deal of personal satisfaction. In the future, I will probably submit in areas such as portraiture, glamor, commercial, wedding, etc. Accreditation - Animal Portrait: Berni Wood I think receiving an accreditation gives extra self-confidence in the category you receive an accreditation for. The major benefit is having your work critiqued by other professional photographers and excepted as being "above normal". Finding out how other professionals judge your work is a learning experience ... you find out if you are delivering exceptional quality in that category or not. And if not, it is a way of learning that you need to go back and sharpen your skills so that you get accreditation next time around. Accreditation - Animal Portrait: Berni Wood Being a member of the PPOC has provided me with a fabulous network of photographers where you can share information, share issues, and it provides a wonderful opportunity to learn from someone else. The workshops and educational conferences provide a marvelous opportunity to continue to learn, and meet new people in the industry. Most all photographers I have met through the PPOC are willing to share, want to learn, and want to network with their industry colleagues. And of course, the PPOC offers many other benefits that we can choose from as required." Accreditation - Animal Portrait: Berni Wood To view more of Berni's work, please visit: Reel Media