Accreditation - Child Study: Alexis Yobbagy

We are continuing with our focus on accreditation as the September 15th deadlines creeps closer! Today, Alexis Yobbagy from Victoria, BC is sharing her successful child study portfolio. Alexis is a fairly new member who went after accreditation to upgrade from an observer member, and she did it less than a year into her membership! Congratulations Alexis! "I have been told that my great-grandfather was a professional photographer. I never knew him but would love to have. My grandfather and father were both avid photographers. I got my first camera at the age of seven, but when I was eleven, I was given my grandfather’s Zeiss Ikon Contina, an old 35mm rangefinder camera. I still have the old Contina and like keeping a favourite teddy bear, it reminds me of some of the happiest moments of my childhood. Accreditation - Child Study, Alexis Yobbagy Accreditation - Child Study, Alexis Yobbagy Living in a little house that had no dedicated dark room, my Dad would have to shut off almost all the lights in the house to set up his enlarger in the kitchen. Under a red light bulb screwed into a bed side lamp, I watched the magic happen. My Mom was very patient about sitting in the dark! Accreditation - Child Study, Alexis Yobbagy Accreditation - Child Study, Alexis Yobbagy In 1975, a movie was released that ultimately changed the course of my life. That film was Picnic at Hanging Rock with cinematography by the amazing Australian DOP, Russell Boyd. After immigrating to Australia, I studied Cinematography and Broadcast Engineering in Melbourne, Australia and went to work for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Accreditation - Child Study, Alexis Yobbagy After a variety of forks and bumps in the road, the opportunity presented itself to work full time doing still photography. Above all other things, I love portraits, particularly of children and the elderly. The bigger a child’s feet, the more awkward, the more their little faces haven’t caught up with the size of their first adult teeth, the more they inspire me. I love the lines of age and the dewy look of eyes that have lived and seen things for a long time. Accreditation - Child Study, Alexis Yobbagy Accreditation - Child Study, Alexis Yobbagy I joined PPOC-BC in December of 2010 and was honoured with the Best in Class award for First Time Entry at Image Quest 2011 here in BC. Talk about thrilled! I entered my submission for Accreditation in Child Study because I wanted to be an accredited member of PPOC. I’m extremely happy to have achieved that status. After striking out hopelessly entering a submission for accreditation based on what I thought the judges would want, the greatest lesson of this process has been to go with my gut. I entered this Child Study submission with no idea if it would be accepted or not, I didn’t show it to anyone, just took the leap because it was work I felt good about. Accreditation - Child Study, Alexis Yobbagy Accreditation - Child Study, Alexis Yobbagy I think there are fabulous benefits and opportunities as a member of the PPOC. Workshops and webinars, image salon and the opportunity to get to know many other photographers here in BC and across Canada. I’ve already met some great people and look forward to meeting many more. Accreditation - Child Study, Alexis Yobbagy To view more of Alexis' work, please visit: Alexis Yobbagy Photography


Wonderful examples of portrait work - particularly like the 4th, 5th and 7th ones. Well done Alexis.

Incredible use of textures......The image of the boy at the stearing wheel ROCKS. Congrats :) John Wills