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These Merit Guidelines will be used for a final time to claim merits earned in the 2021 Calendar year.  The Reformed Merit Guidelines will come into effect January 1st, 2022.  The reformed guidelines will be  made available to you soon after the deadline for the submission of your 2021 claims, which are due January 19th, 2022 in order to be considered for 2022 designations.

Requirements for Craftsman, Master and Service of Photographic Arts

Craftsman, Master and Service of Photographic Arts are honours bestowed upon its members by the Professional Photographers of Canada and denote proven photographic ability and commitment to the Association and its Regions. Merit points toward these awards are earned by participating in the PPOC National Image Competition, by working for the Association and/or its Regions, and by promoting professional photography to the public at large. Returning something to the profession which provides one's livelihood is part of the badge of distinction which denotes the holder of MPA, CPA, and SPA titles.

The titles of MPA, CPA and SPA and F/PPOC are trademarked and property of the Professional Photographers of Canada (1970) Inc, and may only be used by members in goodstanding. All designations bestowed by PPOC are revoked during any lapse in membership. All members receiving said designations are required to agree to this stipulation in writing before the designations are approved by the PPOC Board of Directors.






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