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Forces of Nature - © Kristian Bogner

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Best of Alberta Photography Exhibition by Robert Skoye

Due to the everchanging Covid-19 restrictions, the Best of Alberta Photography Exhibition (BoA) will be featured on the PPOC Alberta (members only) Facebook page as well as this PPOC Alberta Region (public facing) page over the next few weeks. 

The BoA will be featured as a slideshow that showcases the award winning images from the 2020 Alberta Image Salon along with the story behind the picture.  Sharing the stories gives us a glimpse into the creators thinking and inspiration. 

This presentation allows PPOC members and the viewing public the opportunity to experience the Exhibit when we are unable to attend it in person.  Our sponsor, Technicare, has done a fantastic job printing all 48 images to exhibition standards and we hope that we will be able to continue with scheduled showings as the summer progresses. 

Enjoy the show!

Kim Berlie CPA



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