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Friday, October 21, 2022

Photo Contest "WIN YOUR STAY"

Win Your Stay

Monday, May 30, 2022


Congratulations to the Award Winners in the National Image Competition 2022. Submitted by National Blog Chair, Mona D'Amours Be inspired by the creative talents of some of Canada's best photographers recognized virtually at the 75th Annual Awards Gala, April 23, 2022. Be thankful that Lisa Demaline assumed the daunting role of National Image Salon Chair which she said "I couldn't have done it without a massive amount of training and help from our past Salon Chair, Gerry David, and our NEC Chair, Tina Weltz." There were 600 submissions representing 154 photographers. Awards were presented for 418 images representing 131 accredited PPOC photographers who were recognized with Accepted, Merit, or Excellence designations. Each award was judged on the basis of Impact, Vision, Technical Excellence and Composition, each of equal value. All award winning images will be published, and are available for advance orders in the beautifully designed 12x12 inch hardcover Inspiration Book 2022. Among these outstanding images, there were Judges Choice Awards, and Loan Collection Awards. In this article, we will feature the Best in Class images, and the Photographers of the Year: Commercial, Kristian Bogner - Portrait, Becky Fleury - Wedding, Rabih Madi - Photographic Artist, Louis-Philippe Provost.

Inspiration Books / Livre Inspiration!

Many of you will be familiar with PPOC’s Inspiration Book, an annual collection of all of the best imagery from the PPOC National Image Competition. This stunning 12” x 12” hard cover book, produced by Custom Colour Imaging and Publishing in Toronto, includes ALL of the images scoring Accepted, Merit, and Excellence in PPOC’s annual National Salon. Aptly named, these volumes provide inspiration for photographic artists, and are a treasured record of the talents of PPOC members through the years.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022


Submitted by Mona D’Amours Becoming a PPOC volunteer is like walking a tight rope with friends ready to catch you if you fall. It's a challenging adventure worth the risk. We might presume that the success of PPOC is based on the professional quality of photography shared by the members. Though this is in part the reason, it is the volunteer base that provides the countless services we take for granted. PPOC volunteers educate, guide, and support each of us. I would like to share with you the benefits of becoming a volunteer. In doing so, I would also like to recognize all PPOC volunteers, those I haven't met, and those I will meet one day. Volunteers are the heart of PPOC. 

Sunday, March 20, 2022


Dave HutchisonSubmitted by Dave Hutchison I have been photographing and exploring the wilds of nature on and off Vancouver Island for close to 15 years. Like any genre within photography, wildlife photography has certain tips and tricks that are valuable for capturing the best possible images.

Monday, February 28, 2022


Submitted by Kathryn Gardner As I write this installment from my cozy couch in the BC interior two weeks ago, it is minus twelve degrees outside with nighttime temperatures dipping down into the -20°’s. The driveway has been plowed more times in the past week than the entire winter last year, and we are settling in for an extended period of cold. Now I can hear our members in the “real cold” parts of Canada guffawing! “Minus twenty!” you say, “that’s a balmy-day walk in the park!” But for us in the temperate zone, negative double-digits is a time for hunkering down with hot cocoa and a good book. May I suggest you trade that book for an afternoon on-line with PPOC, and become familiar with all the things you can do with your membership?

Monday, February 14, 2022


Submitted by Mona D'Amours in honour of World Photographic Cup WPC Co-Captains, Jillian Chateauneuf, BC; Gerald David, AB and WPC Team Canada, Top 10 Finalists in the World, Deborah MacEwen, SK; Louis-Philippe Provost, QC; Michelle Valberg, ON. I approached this outstanding group of leaders in photography to write a news story for Valentine's Day which is all about LOVE. We will do anything for love, and that is so true in photography. Take the time to enjoy the gallery of all images selected to represent WPC Team Canada 2022. Follow our camera lens which will be focused on Deborah, Louis-Philippe, and Michelle who have shared, not only their WPC images, but two of their own personal favourites. Their images are magical, but their stories are compelling. They really are about LOVE!

Sunday, January 30, 2022


Submitted by Mona D’Amours in collaboration with PPOC member Christian Redermayer who has been recognized with prestigious international awards in the past two years for his photography at International Image Challenge IIC, USA; Wedding & Portrait Europe Awards WPE, France; Epson International Pano Awards, Australia; International Photography Awards IPA USA; Tokyo International Foto Awards, Japan; Monochrome Awards, International black and white photography, and Monovision Photography Awards, leading black and white photography Magazine Awards. Discover why he has reached top awards in all these competitions, and why he was named Commercial Photographer of the Year by International Image Challenge IIC 2021. We begin with his architectural and product illustration Gold Medal awards with IIC. Be inspired by all the winners of Master Photographers International Image Challenge IIC promotional video.