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COVID-19 Update : Getting back to work! (in stages...)

In accordance with current Ministry regulations, we recommend that outdoor and on-location photography may commence effective Friday, June 12th, if your photography business is located in the Stage 2 list of health units. 
The session must be less than ten people, including the photographer, and a physical distance of six feet must be maintained at all times. We further recommend that props or accessories that cannot be sanitized not be used for these types of sessions.
We strongly recommend that you check with your local health unit or bylaw office prior to reopening.
Please refer to the PPOC COVID-19 resource page for additional safety measures located here: PPOC COVID-19 Guidelines

PPOC-ON / Welcome to PPOC Ontario

We are so happy you decided to join us! As a member, you and your business will benefit from a multitude of opportunities exclusive to PPOC members! Be sure to mark your calendar for various educational events where you will learn, and meet and form new friendships with fellow professional photographers willing to share and help you with your journey.

The more you are involved in all PPOC has to offer, the more you will improve and grow! If you would like to take advantage of the PPOC Mentorship Program to help you get the most value for your membership, please apply for a Mentor here.

Sit back, relax, and take some time to look through our regional pages to find out more about Ontario’s upcoming events and local members. The main pages of the PPOC website are where you will find information regarding member benefits, Accreditation, national image salon competition and photographic designations.

We look forward to seeing you at events and introducing you to photographers in your area.

Join us on Facebook!

The PPOC maintains both a public page and a members-only page on Facebook.  The public page highlights members' work by publishing images accepted into the National Image Salon several time a week.  A great place to see what your colleagues are doing and to draw inspiration from their work.  Visit the National public page here: PPOC National Public Page

The National members-only page is a great place to connect with other members and to ask for advice or help, or to post information that would be of interest to others.  Visit the National members-only page here: PPOC National Members-Only Page

The Ontario Region also has a presence on Facebook with a members-only Facebook page and there are also a number of PPOC-ON Regional Branch Specific Facebook Groups. These groups help you connect with PPOC members in your area, and find out about local branch events throughout the year. You can find the PPOC-ON Region and Branch Facebook Groups here:

PPOC-ON Members-Only Page    Branch pages:    Eastern Branch    Western Branch    Central Branch    Hamilton/Niagara Branch



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