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Board of Directors

The PPOC Board of Directors is comprised of seven elected members, one from each Region. The volunteer members that make up our board of directors are responsible for the day-to-day conduct of the Association's affairs.


PPOC Chair & PPOC BC Director

PPOC Chair
PPOC BC Director

Ross Outerbridge MPA

PPOC Chair Email

BC Director Email

Tel: (250) 314-7627

PPOC MB Director

PPOC MB Director

Jocelyne Hebert MPA

MB Director Email

Tel: (204) 391-4584

PPOC QC Director

PPOC QC Director

Rabih Madi

QC Director Email

Tel: (514) 582-0812

PPOC ON Director

PPOC ON Director

Jennifer Gilbert CPA

ON Director Email

Tel: (647) 448-9934

PPOC AB Director

PPOC AB Director

Chris Thombs CD MPA SPA

AB Director Email

Tel: (780) 499-2627

Vice-Chair & PPOC SK Director

PPOC Vice-Chair
PPOC SK Director

Wayne Inverarity SPA

PPOC Vice-Chair Email

SK Director Email

Tel: (306) 530-8888

Treasurer & PPOC AT Director

PPOC Treasurer
PPOC AT Director

Berni Wood MPA SPA

PPOC Treasurer Email

AT Director Email

Tel: (902) 566-1100



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