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What Do PPOC’s Designations and Awards Represent?

The Professional Photographers of Canada provides its members in good standing with tools to promote their photographic achievements and recognize their commitment to their continued professional education. Here’s an easy guide to what those designations mean:

Accredited Members

Accredited photographers possess the experience, knowledge, and equipment to provide you with a quality product in their area of expertise. They have proven their ability to consistently provide imagery that has met a set criteria, and has satisfied a panel of trained photographic judges.

Look for an Accredited Professional Photographer when hiring for all your photographic needs.

You can learn more about the Accreditation process HERE.

CPA, MPA and SPA Designations

Craftsman, Master and Service of the Photographic Arts are honours bestowed upon its members by the Professional Photographers of Canada. These designations denote proven photographic ability and commitment to the advancement of professional photography, as well as service to the Association. Members are encouraged to earn print and service merits toward these prestigious designations through their participation and success in Accreditation, National Image Competition, and volunteer service to the Association at both the Regional and National levels.

Returning something to the profession which provides one’s livelihood is part of the badge of distinction which denotes the holder of CPA, MPA and SPA members.

CPA List
MPA List
SPA List

Fellow Of PPOC – F/PPOC

PPOC’s most prestigious designation is that of Fellow of PPOC (F/PPOC). Those holding this designation have at least 10 consecutive years of membership, and have previously attained the designation of Master of Photographic Arts (MPA), with a minimum of two bars.

In addition to 15 salon quality image files, the applicant must also produce a (minimum) 7000 word Fellowship Paper that may be of a technical, specialized, or general subject, but must specifically relate to the science, art, and/or profession of photography on an educational level.

Congratulations to those who have achieved this prestigious distinction.



The Yousuf Karsh Lifetime Achievement Award

The Yousuf Karsh Lifetime Achievement Award was established by the Professional Photographers of Canada in 2002 to commemorate the legacy of Canadian photographer, the late Yousuf Karsh. The Yousuf Karsh Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes photographic excellence amongst PPOC members.

Members of the Professional Photographers of Canada are able to earn "print merits" by demonstrating outstanding photographic ability through annual national image competitions and national accreditation. The Yousuf Karsh Award is presented annually to the member with the highest number of print merits in excess of 4000. The award can only be received once in a career.

The Yousuf Karsh Lifetime Achievement Award is one of the greatest achievements that can be earned by a member of the Professional Photographers of Canada and speaks directly to the outstanding photographic talent of the recipient.

Yousuf Karsh Award Recipients List

National Citation For Service

The National Citation for Service expresses sincere appreciation for services generously given to the Association and to the profession. This award may be presented to a company or an individual who, over a number of years, has rendered outstanding service to PPOC for the advancement of professional photography. Names of nominees are submitted to the National Board of Directors, along with a documented resume listing the services rendered. Only one National Citation for Service is presented annually.

National Citation Recipients List

PPOC Photographers of the Year

The PPOC holds an annual National Image Competition, open to Accredited members in goodstanding. This competition is judged by a panel of master photographers from across Canada who select images to be displayed as that year’s PPOC National Image Salon.

From among the hundreds of images entered, the judging panel adjudicates each photograph individually to determine what will be Accepted to the juried exhibition. In addition to the Accepted images, the judges identify those image that stand-out with scores of Merit, and in the case of truly exceptional imagery, scores of Excellence may be awarded.

Finalists for Photographer of the Year are chosen from the top-scoring entries, based upon aggregate scoring, in specific photographic classes. Those who receive the coveted titles have had a 100% Acceptance rate (four out of four images submitted), and their collective submissions have satisfied the category requirements for one of the four Photographer of the Year Titles: Commercial Photographer of the Year, Portrait Photographer of the Year, Wedding Photographer of the Year, and Photographic Artist of the Year.

You can learn more about Image Competition requirements HERE 

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