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Canada - Spectacular Day or Night - © Philomena Hughes MPA

PPOC-BC / Welcome to PPOC British Columbia


Some background on the structure of PPOC

We are a National Professional Organization with members spanning all across Canada. We have a board on the National Level with Directors representing each Province, followed by Provincial Level and Regional Level Boards. 


BC is split into the following Regions:

  • Lower Mainland (Greater Vancouver Region)
  • Interior (Okanagan Region)
  • Northern (Prince George and surrounding)
  • Island (Vancouver Island



In BC, we usually have one large education event in early November, which coincides with our awards ceremony from the BC Image Salon. Local branches put together speaker nights, workshops, and social get-togethers throughout the year that you definitely don’t want to miss! Meeting other like-minded creators like yourself is one of the best and most rewarding benefits of being a member of PPOC. 

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Accreditation judging happens 4 times a year and in a different province each time, with different judges. 

To become Accredited the Photographer must submit a set of 10 images in one or more of the 75+ categories of photographic specialties identified by PPOC. The submission is then judged by a panel of qualified judges. Once successfully completed, the photographer is then recognized as a PPOC Accredited Photographer and a specialist in their chosen field. At this time the photographer is now qualified to enter Regional and National Image competitions and start earning merit and print points towards the prestigious designation of CPA - Craftsman of Photographic Arts and MPA - Master of Photographic Arts

Learn more about Accreditation here


Image Salon/Competition - Awards, Bragging Rights, Learning Opportunities

One of the cornerstones of the Professional Photographers of Canada is the PPOC Annual Image Salon. This juried exhibition showcases the best of the best. Within this Salon Exhibition, you will find the most creative, the newest, most cutting edge, and the finest technically executed images produced by our members. 

Basically, it’s us showing off a bit. 

Judging for National competition is live streamed to our public Facebook page, and is an excellent opportunity to see what kind of images succeed and what to strive for.

Learn more about Image Competition here


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Don’t be a stranger!

We’re all a bunch of photographers who love connecting through our work and helping each other out in any way we can. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a member if you’re curious about their work, or have any questions. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our next event and introducing you to all the friendly and supportive photographers in PPOC BC.



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