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Why Hire an Accredited Professional Photographer?


In this day and age where anyone can call themselves a ‘Professional Photographer’, how can you be sure? When you make the wise choice to decide to hire a PPOC Accredited Professional Photographer you can feel confident they will provide you with the skills and expertise necessary to get the job done and that you will be happy with the results. Accredited photographers possess the experience, knowledge, and equipment to provide you with a quality product in their area of expertise.

To become Accredited the Photographer must submit a set of 10 images in one or more of the 79 classes of photographic specialties identified by PPOC. The submission is then judged by a panel of qualified judges. Once successfully completed, the photographer is then recognized as a PPOC Accredited Photographer and as such, a specialist in their chosen field.

Look for this logo when deciding to hire a professional for your photographic needs:

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Accreditation & Classes

An Accreditation is achieved by submitting ten images in a chosen class to a PPOC Board of Review. This peer-reviewed program challenges candidates to demonstrate their capability of delivering exceptional quality photography in a chosen class. In assessing Accreditation Submissions, the judges consider the following criteria: Vision, Impact, Composition, and Technical merit. Once a member has earned an Accreditation and upgraded to PPOC Accredited Member they can use the title 'Accredited Professional Photographer'.

Accreditations can be earned in the following classes:


01 Advertising
02 Adventure Sport
03 Aerial
04 Animals
05 Animal Portrait
06 Annual Report
07 Architectural
08 Botanical
09 Boudoir
10 Canine / Dog Portrait
11 Child Study
12 Children and Infant Portrait
13 Commercial
14 Corporate
15 Couples Portrait
16 Digital Illustration
17 Documentary
18 Editorial Illustration
19 Editorial Portrait
20 Entomology
21 Environmental Portrait
22 Environmental Business Portrait
23 Environmental Family
24 Equine
25 Executive Business Portrait
27 Family Portrait
28 Fantasy Illustration
29 Fashion
30 Feature Presentation / Fusion
31 Feline Portrait
32 Figure Study
33 Fine Art / Photo Decor
34 Food
36 Glamour
37 Group Portrait
38 High Key Portrait
39 Image Manipulation
40 Industrial
41 Jewelry
42 Marine
43 Maternity
44 Military Life
45 Mining
46 Modeling Portfolio
47 Motor Sports
48 Nature
49 Night Photography
50 Performing Artists
51 Photo Journalism
52 Pictorial / Scenic
53 Pinup
54 Portraiture
55 Press
56 Product Illustration
57 Public Relations
58 School Portrait
59 Senior Citizen Portrait
60 Senior Graduation Portrait
61 Special Event
62 Sports
63 Stock
64 Studio Portrait
65 Studio Wedding
67 Travel Illustration
68 Underwater
69 Wedding Environmental
70 Wedding Formal
71 Wedding Photojournalistic
72 Wedding Story
73 Wildlife
74 360° Spherical Panorama
75 Newborn
76 Low Key Portrait
77 Ornithology / Bird Photography
78 Birth Photography
79 Animal Sporting Event
80 Macro & Micro Photography
81 Street Photography
82 Real Estate



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