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Inspiration Book



"the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, 

especially to do something creative"


See the best images from PPOC’s recent Image Salons, compiled in a beautifully designed 12 x 12 inch hardcover book. This will be a beautiful addition to your image library, a wonderful gift, something to show your clients to showcase your images, or simply for the appreciation of beautiful imagery.

But the best of all?...the images contained within the covers of this magnificent tome will move you to create even more powerful images. Get one now and get Inspired!

PPOC’s collection of images from our most recent National Image Salon can all be found right here in this beautifully designed book. Enjoy all of the images Accepted to our juried exhibition, including the featured winners.

Back editions from previous Image Salons may also be available, per the order form below.


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