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The PPOC recognizes the impact of systemic discrimination against marginalized groups in the photography industry. While our association has been and remains open to all photographers, the PPOC acknowledges the need to actively create safe, diverse, and inclusive spaces. The PPOC is committed to empowering and elevating photographers from all backgrounds, through consultation, education and systemic change. The PPOC pledges to listen and learn from our fellow photographers and their experiences. To address these topics, the PPOC has created a Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committee.


  • Explore and understand the needs of often ignored and silenced communities within western society as it applies to the photography industry
    • Consult members about their needs and concerns
    • Perform focus groups, interviews, and/or surveys to gather information
    • Explore internal biases within the diversity committee and the photography industry
  • Formulate a plan for implementation of change
    • Creation of a communication plan for the diversity committee with the PPOC boards, portfolios, and
    • Creation and communication of a roadmap to implement changes throughout the association
  • Create change
    • Increase representation of marginalized individuals within the membership
      • Review PPOC’s marketing strategy and all communication channels
      • Coordinate with the Board to provide more diverse content
    • Provide education
      • Provide training for the diversity committee members
      • Provide educational resources for photographers
      • Provide tools for photographers to make their businesses more inclusive
      • Invite diverse speakers to educate membership
    • Review and advise the Board on suggested policies and processes to make them more   inclusive
      • Current PPOC Vision and Mission Statements
      • Accreditation
      • Designations
      • Image Salon rules and judging
      • Regional and National Conventions
      • Code of Ethics
    • Grow and spread
      • Evaluate, review and suggest improvements for current initiatives
      • Facilitate the creation of regional diversity committees
      • Conduct outreach outside of the association
    • Sustain a more inclusive and diverse photography industry



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