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PPOC is the largest and most recognizable Professional Photography Association in Canada. We are happy you have decided to join us!


Most photographers start at the non-accredited member level with the option to upgrade to an Accredited membership by earning an Accreditation. Once Accredited, members are able to represent themselves to the public and their clientele as Accredited members of PPOC, have a business page on our national website and may work towards their Craftsman and Masters of Photographic Arts designations.

Returning Members

If you have been a PPOC member in the past, welcome back! We invite you to use this link to re-activate your original membership and update your contact information. Any previous designations, accreditations, or merits earned during past membership will be re-activated, provided we have a record of them. We invite you to follow up with us via phone or email to verify that our records are in agreement.

Studio Membership

Discounts are available to studios employing multiple photographers. Members joining under a Studio membership must share a company name, address, and website to be eligible. Only those in the Non-Accredited and Accredited membership categories are eligible to be considered for Studio Membership. Studio memberships require a phone call to the PPOC Office.

Apply for membership now:

Click here for our online APPLICATION FORM

If you have questions or require assistance, please contact the PPOC Office directly at: info@ppoc.ca 

or by telephone at (888) 643-PPOC (7762) or outside Canada at (519)537-2555

*Annual memberships are for 12 months and may be purchased in a lump sum.

*A monthly subscription plan is available to Accredited and Non-Accredited members at $37.17/month, plus taxes.


Benefits of membership


With over 1000 like-minded photographers across Canada, when you have a problem there is always somebody just a call or click away that can help.

PPOC’s member forums generate hourly conversations on the latest industry trends, techniques and tips. Expand your peer network and benefit from the experiences of your fellow members.


Enjoy preferred member discount pricing on educational events, at the branch, regional and national levels throughout the year. Free live webinars are delivered to your computer screen 10 months of the year. Here you can interact with the presenter and your fellow members in real time. Webinars are recorded and available to watch anytime.

Commercial Partner Programs and Vendor Offers

Member only benefits include discounts and promotional offers on products and services offered by PPOC’s valued Commercial Partners throughout the year.


PPOC’s website attracts thousands of searches by the public searching for a qualified photographer in their area.

PPOC’s social media pages enjoy many followers and are used to promote members’ imagery on a daily basis.

National Image Salon*

One of the best ways to improve your photographic skills and push yourself to the next level! Compete among the best and see who will earn the coveted titles of Commercial, Portrait, Photographic Artist, or Wedding Photographer of the Year! Also, there are many Best of Class Awards to be claimed. These awards are fantastic free publicity for your studio!


As a member of Canada’s largest and most recognized professional photography association, your clients will have the assurance that you adhere to PPOC’s strict code of ethics. They will know that you are dedicated to keeping up with the ever-changing industry trends and techniques, you have a supportive peer network behind you, and your work has met a standard of quality that warrants you the title of Accredited Professional Photographer**

*These benefits ONLY available at the Accredited membership level.
**The title of Accredited Professional Photographer is restricted to qualified members in good standing.




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