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Confederation Bridge, - © Isabelle Levesque

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Featured Photographer: Donald Lewis

Featured Photographer, Donald Lewis of Moncton
Don Lewis is a photographer from Moncton NB. He specializes in Landscapes and Nature photography with a focus upon print. Don also has a studio and enjoys shooting weddings and portraiture.

You can check out Don’s landscape, and nature work on Instagram here, and his wedding work here.

The night sky over the Cape Enrage lighthouse, by Don Lewis

Don’s first Accreditation was in the Night Category. Shooting the night sky, the milky-way and bringing forth the night sky in an artistic way has been his passion for the last 2 years. This image is entitled “Serenity Above, Enrage Below” and it received a score of accepted at PPOC’s National Image Competition.

A wedding photo by Moncton photographer Donald Lewis

Don has been shooting weddings on and off for the last 4 years. This fall wedding in Nova Scotia during the fall was full of colours and fun times. Don strives to be a part of the wedding process, a reliable addition to the magical memories of the day.

A photo of a red fox in the wild, by Moncton photographer Don Lewis

Don enjoys getting out in nature, exploring the east coast of Canada. Occasionally, those adventures turn into encounters with beautiful creatures in the wild. Here we see a Red Fox from Kouchibouguac National Park, NB.

The night sky over Laverty Falls, by Moncton photographer, Don Lewis

“The Moment When Time Vanishes and Eternity Awaits”  Laverty Falls, Fundy National Park, NB

This image scored accepted at PPOC’s national image salon. This is one of Don’s personal favourites and was very much a pleasure to photograph. Using a flashlight to “paint” the falls with the tail end of the Milky Way above he felt it was a timeless scene.

The Miscou Island Lighthouse at dusk, by Moncton photographer, Don Lewis

Covid has been difficult for everyone. Especially true for Tourism; Don believes in supporting local, so he took an adventure up the Acadian Peninsula. He arrived at the Miscou Island Lighthouse at the perfect time! A beautiful place to stay, have a picnic, and watch the sunset.

A night view of Fort Beausejour, by Don Lewis.

Fort Beauséjour – Fort Cumberland National Historic Site is a relic of history perched on the border of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. As forts usually are, they are at great vantage points. This image can only be captured on a new moon in August every year; it depicts the fort looking out over the Cumberland basin and the Milky Way.



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