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Sunday, November 1, 2020

PPOC Atlantic 2020 Image Competition and Salon

PPOC Atlantic 2020 Photographic Artist of the Year trophy
Huge congratulations to all the winners in our Regional Image Competition. We can't share their images until after Nationals in a few months, but please join us in congratulating:

Photographic Artist of the Year (award sponsored by Technicare Imaging Ltd):
Tracy was also the recipient of
• The Bruce Berry Award for Best General Print,
• Best Animal
• Best Fine Art
• Best Pictorial/Floral
and 3 Judge's Choice Awards
The 2020 Photographic Artist of the Year Trophy
Winner of The Joe KR Stone Award for Best Commercial Image (award sponsored by GTA Imaging):
Jason Bowie of Jason Bowie Photography,
Jason was also the recipient of
• Best Press Image
and 2 Judge's Choice Awards
Brent McCombs of AlterEgo Photography won:
Best Fashion image
• Best Product Illustration
• Best Editorial Image
and a Judge's Choice Award
Cindy Sonier Duclos, MPA of Cindy Duclos Photography was the winner of
Best Experimental/Unclassified image
AND, last but certainly not least, André Poirier of Andre Poirier Photography was the winner of a Judge's Choice award.
Congratulations are truly due to ALL who entered, it takes great courage to put your images out there to be judged, you are all winners just for taking that step!
Without volunteers working tirelessly behind the scenes, there would be no Image Competition. Let's all reach out and thank our Salon Chair Victoria West, CPA, the awesome panel of Judges, Bruce Berry, HLM, F/PPOC, MPA, Bruce Allen Hendricks, F/PPOC, MPA, Chris Thombs, MPA, SPA, Vanessa Dewson, MPA, Krista Powers, CPA, and Alph J. Leydon, MPA, the Jury Chair, Sébastien Lavallée,MPA, the amazing Gerry David, MPA, SPA (seriously, I hope the PPOC has a big insurance policy on him because if anything ever happens to him, this all falls apart!) and everyone else who stepped in to help make our first online competition and awards gala a success!
Service Awards and Pins
During our Awards Gala, we also honoured and appreciated those who have been of great service to the association, so these members deserve our thanks, as well as our congratulations:
Paula Lirette, MPA received the Distinguished Service Award 
Cindy Duclos, MPA received the Meritorious Award
Our association is nothing without our members. The following members received anniversary pins, with our gratitude:
10 Year Pin
15 Year Pin
Paula Lirette, MPA
45 Year Pin
Finally, huge thanks to the wonderful sponsors, who provided the trophies and awesome door prizes for our Atlantic Image Competition: GTA ImagingTechnicare Imaging, and Album Epoca



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