Thursday, April 29, 2021


PPOC had their annual Gala (virtual this year), on April 18th - to celebrate the accomplishments of all the members who entered the National Image Competition. It also celebrated the achievements of our membership who attained new Professional Photography Designations. The fact that this Gala existed this year, is a testament to all the hard work and dedication of our volunteers. The following is a list of our major award winners from the 2021 National Image Competition. Congratulations to them and all who participated.

Best In Class Awards / Meilleure de Sa Categorie:

Student Competition/Competition etudiant :  Sponsored by Lee Filters

Commercial/Commerciale: "Hidden Jewels" by Nataliya Bilgen


Portrait-Wedding/Portrait & Mariage: "Siblings" by Rafaella Roriz


General/Generale & Best of Show/Meilleure de Salon Etudiant: "Apple of the Eye" by Sophia Wyganowski - Xanthis

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Main Competition - Best In Class / Meilleure de sa Categorie:


Architecture: "Waves of Steel" by Louis-Philippe Provost



Fashion/Mode: "The Daring" by France Bouchard MPA.  Sponsored by Sony of Canada


Product Illustration/Illustration De Produits: "Fallen Angel" by Mike Wing


Industrial/Industrielle: "Solid Strike" by Kim Downie MPA


Editorial: "Meeting A Deadline" by  Steve Cain MPA. Sponsored by Sony of Canada


Press/Presse: "Skid Row" by Jason Bowie. Sponsored by Sony of Canada


Pictorial-Floral/Floral et Paysage: "Moroccan Twilight" by Alph Leydon MPA


Animals/Animaux: "Golden Boy" by Tracy Munson MPA


Experimental-Unclassified/Experimentale-Divers: "Isolation" by MaryEllen Nealis MPA


Fine Art/Beaux-Arts: "Snow Day" by Candice Daum CPA


Conceptual Illustration/Illustration Conceptuelle: "Mountain Drive" by Diane Hanna


Feature Album/Album Collection: "Falkland Stampede" by Paul H. Wright MPA


Portrait: "#MMIWG" by Victoria West MPA


Group Portrait/Portrait Groupe: "Snow Day" by Becky Fleury CPA


Child Portrait/Portrait D'enfant: "Morning Chores" by Becky Fleury CPA


Figure Study/Nu Artistique: "Dunes" by Claude Brazeau MPA


Wedding Portrait/Portrait de Mariage: "Majestic" by Louise Gingras MPA



Wedding Group/Groupe de Mariage: "Lucky Number 7" by Rabih Madhi


Photojournalistic Wedding/Mariage Photojournalistique: "The First look" by Louise Gingras MPA


Wedding Album/Album de Mariage: "Nina & David" by Claude Brazeau MPA


Image Restoration & Colourization/Restauration & Colorisation D'image: "The Village Bakers" by Jessica Bailey.

Sponsored by Harward Western Insurance


Newborn/Nouveau-N´es: "Two Halves of a Whole" by Amber Noble


Terry Robertson Master Award/Le Prix de Terry Robertson Maitre: "The Love of a Girl" by Krista Crellin MPA.

Sponsored by Harward Western Insurance


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Photographers Of The Year / Photographes De L'Annee:



Top Photographer

Photographic Artist Of The Year / L'Artiste Photographique De L'Annee - Sponsored by Canon:

Danielle Barabe-Bussieres CPA



Wedding Photographer of the Year / Le Photographe De Mariage De L'Annee - Sponsored by Sony of Canada:

Rabih Madi



Commercial Photographer of the Year / Le Photographe Commercial De L'Annee - Sponsored by Nikon Canada:

France Bouchard MPA



Portrait Photographer of the Year / Le Photographe Portraitiste De L'Annee - Sponsored by Technicare Premier Photo lab

Victoria West MPA


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Thank You to our valued SPONSORS.

We appreciate your support and involvement with PPOC.




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