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Confederation Bridge, - © Isabelle Levesque

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Featured Photographer - Sylvie Mazerolle

Moncton food photographer, Sylvie Mazerolle
Get ready for some mouth-watering images from this month's featured member, Sylvie Mazerolle of Sylvie Mazerolle Photography. Sylvie recently achieved her second Accreditation, in Food Photography (her first was in Fine Art/Photo Decor). Here's what Sylvie has to say:

Hey I’m Sylvie,

A professional photographer with over 15 years experience as a visual artist. Eight of those years were spent as a professional makeup artist in Toronto’s film and fashion industry. Now, you can find me on the other side of the lens in Dieppe, NB.

The ingredients for a fall vegetable soup, by Sylvie Mazerolle
My Grandmother's Fall vegetable soup.

My approach to photography focuses on using natural light along with trusting in not just what I see, but how I see it. My process benefits from my past experience in colour combining, storytelling and also from using my intuition, resulting in the production of rich, elegant images that evoke emotions.

Milk and molasses cookies by Sylvie Mazerolle
A stack of molasses cookies

Places, faces and flavours are my subjects of choice.

Oysters on the half shell by Sylvie Mazerolle
Oysters on the half shell

Life moves so fast these days, photography is the only thing that actually freezes time.

Fresh Purple Cabbage by Sylvie Mazerolle
Fresh Purple Cabbage

Beauty is everywhere. Take a minute, slow down and really see it, taste it and get to know it.

Cutlery Bouquet by Sylvie Mazerolle
Cutlery Bouquet

Enjoy a Slice Of Life.

 Fish Skin Scape by Sylvie Mazerolle
Fish Skin Scape



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