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Confederation Bridge, - © Isabelle Levesque

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Atlantic Award Winners in the National Image Competition

Please join me in congratulating our amazing members in the Atlantic Region who were recognized at the 2022 National Virtual Awards Gala!

The following members received shiny new designations:
Don Lewis - CPA (Craftsman of Photographic Arts)
Berni Wood - MPA (Master of Photographic Arts) 1st Bar
Tracy Munson - MPA 1st Bar
MaryEllen Nealis - MPA 9th Bar
Louise Vessey - SPA (Service of Photographic Arts) 1st Bar
The big award winners of the evening were:
Rugby players jumping on the ball by Riverview sports photographer Jason Bowie
Jason Bowie won Best in Class for Press with his action-packed rugby image "Keep Your Eye On The Ball"
A black and white architecture image by Nick De Clercq
Nick De Clercq won a Judge’s Choice Award for his stunning architectural image, Neoclassicism
An image of a man surrounded by tormented faces by Victoria West
Victoria West won Best in Class for Portrait with her powerful creative portrait "Tormented"
A dreamy portrait of a wistful woman by Victoria West
Victoria also won a Judge's Choice for her dreamy portrait "Wistful".
Also a big thanks to Jason Bowie and Louise Vessey for opening their doors to invite members to watch the gala together. It is SO much more fun that way!



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