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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Who owns copyright to my images?

Under the Canadian Copyright Act, photographs are protected just like any other artistic works such as sculptures, paintings, drawings and engravings. Whether you take the photo on your smart phone or with your camera, that image is protected under Canadian copyright law.  Due to recent changes to law, any images taken on or after November 7, 2012, the photographer/author is the first owner of the copyright.

The photographer owns the copyright in any commissioned photographs they take and can use them however they like. However, the individuals who commission the photographs are able to make personal or non-commercial use of the photos if they have paid for them. For example, a bride or groom that hired a photographer for their wedding can print photos for their house or to give to family members without infringing on the photographer’s copyright.  There should always be a contract between the parties for any shift in copyright and specific uses.



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