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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

PPOC Atlantic region update

PPOC-AT May 2019 update
Though we may be small in numbers, the Atlantic Region of PPOC has no shortage of talented, creative, and hard-working members. This has never been more apparent than at our recent National Convention, Canadian Imaging 2019 in Montreal.

PPOC Atlantic attendees of 2019 Candain Imagaging Conference in Montreal QC

Congratulations are due to the following Atlantic members (in the order they first appeared on stage to collect their awards and/or designations presented by PPOC Chair Louise Vessey MPA SPA who is also from the Atlantic Region):

Krista Powers earned her Craftsman of Photographic Arts. The Craftsman designation is the next level of elevation above becoming accredited. It is earned only after years of hard work, accumulating points from successful submissions for Accreditation and to the National Image Competition and for service to the association.

Krista Powers receiving CPA award

Cindy Duclos and Paula Lirette both earned their Master of Photographic Arts designations. The MPA is the next level of elevation after having earned the CPA and shows outstanding dedication to photographic excellence and the advancement of professional photography. Paula also had her image "Scarred" selected for inclusion in the prestigious Loan Collection, the absolute best of the best from the National Image Competition.

Cindy Duclos receiving MPA

Jamie Bard-Dube earned her First Master's Bar, which means she earned all the competition and service points for her MPA, and then went and doubled down on the competition merits. A very impressive achievement, but that wasn't all! Jamie went on to win Best Portrait and 2 Judge's Choice Awards for her image "The Last Frame". Then, her image "Solitaire" was also a finalist in the Best Portrait category and "Three Wise Monkeys" was a finalist in the Newborn Portrait Category. To top it off, both "The Last Frame" and "Solitaire" were included in the Loan Collection.

Jamie Bard-Dube receiving First Masters Bar

Mary Ellen Nealis earned her 6th AND 7th Master's Bars, which is just an outstanding achievement, requiring an unthinkable number of competition merits. She's that good. Her image "Mind's Eye" was a finalist in the Experimental/Unclassified category, received a Judge’s Choice Award, and was included in the Loan Collection.

Mary Ellen Nealis receiving 6th & 7th Masters Bars

Victoria West took home Portrait Photographer of the Year (a title she already held in the Atlantic Region). She also won Best Figure Study for her WPC Bronze medal image, "Exsanguinate".

Victoria West receiving Best Figure Study and Portrait Photographer of the year

Last, but certainly not least, Brent McCombs was a finalist in the Wedding Portrait category, for his beautiful image "Sarah", which was also selected for inclusion in the Loan Collection.


We should all be very proud of the amazing photographers in our region - thanks for making us all look good!



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