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What should I look for in a Professional?

In this day and age anyone with a cheap camera and a social media profile can add ‘Photographer’ to their name and call themselves a ‘Professional’. But, how can you, the buying public be sure they are a professional? Viewing pretty photographs on a Facebook or other social media site, only tells you part of the story. To assist you, we have created this list of frequently asked questions to help you know what to expect when choosing a photographer you can be confident in.

**Disclaimer: Rates and fees in this FAQ are based on our survey results and are for informational purposes only.  There may be photographers charging more or less than stated.


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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

What should we wear to our session?

This can vary greatly and depend on your photographers style, your style, the location, the ages of the people, etc.  Rule of thumb tends to be: choose clothing that does not detract from faces, or overpower the image.  Selecting 2 or 3 colours that blend well together for each person to wear is often recommended.  Ask your professional photographer for a consultation based on your situation.



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