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Frequently Asked Questions


What should I look for in a Professional?

In this day and age anyone with a cheap camera and a social media profile can add ‘Photographer’ to their name and call themselves a ‘Professional’. But, how can you, the buying public be sure they are a professional? Viewing pretty photographs on a Facebook or other social media site, only tells you part of the story. To assist you, we have created this list of frequently asked questions to help you know what to expect when choosing a photographer you can be confident in.

**Disclaimer: Rates and fees in this FAQ are based on our survey results and are for informational purposes only.  There may be photographers charging more or less than stated.


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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Why do I need professional headshots instead of doing one myself with my phone?

Professional commercial photographers who specialize in headshots know how to light, pose, style and bring out the best in you, in a way you never could with your phone at the end of your arm.  You and your online persona deserve the best image of yourself!

Why don’t some photographers sell all the files?

There are many different business models.  For example, many professionals only sell finished printed products and will include a small social media file for screen sharing from ordered images only.  They want to provide you with full service that results in tangible, finished printed products that hang on your wall, sit on a desk or are relived in a beautiful custom album.  Expert editing is done to each image depending on the size and medium of the final printed product.

What's the difference between a Professional Photo-lab and Consumer Photo lab?

The main differences between a Professional Photo lab and Consumer photo lab are:

Pro labs do not ‘enhance’ your files adding unwanted saturation and contrast to the final print. All the beautiful editing the photographer did just as they intended.
Pro labs use heavier, archival paper. If you hold a print from Professional lab and a Consumer lab next to each other you will feel the difference. Thicker prints tend not to warp over time.
Pro labs have strict quality control so that your images are true to the original files displaying the ultimate colours, density, and contrast.
Pro lab prints are archival and will last for generations.
Pro labs are often only available to professional photographers.

Don’t all photographers give portrait session files?

No.  While some photographers will sell or include digital files, many will provide you with archival printed products to be seen and appreciated in the physical form displayed as part of your home’s decor, or in albums.  Many of these products can ONLY be sourced through your professional photographer.



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