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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

BC Best in Class Awards 2021


PPOC-BC Fall Image Competition Award Winners


Congratulations to all of the entrants to this year’s BC Image Competition.  It was truly a great show.  Thank you to our judges – Marlene Fast, Jury Chair, Charles Van den Ouden, Chelsea Jones, Karyn Lee, Kim Ross, Mark Laurie, Beck Fleury.


And now to the Award winners…


Best in Class Awards


Architecture – Sponsored by Beau Photo

Jamie Poh

“Raise the Roof”



Jamie Poh

“She is Her Own Canvas”


Product Illustration – Sponsored by Harvard Western Insurance

Larry Scherban

“Berries in the Mist”




Margaret Krause

“Steps to Enlightenment”



Paul Wright

“In Deep”



Kathryn Gardner

“Sentinel Pass”


Animals – Sponsored by Beau Photo

Kathryn Gardner

“The Eagle is Landing”



Diane Hanna




Fine Art

Debbie Malm



Conceptual Illustration

Christian Redermayer




Anna Beaudry

“Anne with an E”


Group Portrait – Sponsored by Technicare

Jillian Chateauneuf

“Surgeons Happy Place”


Child Portrait

Diane Hanna

“Innocent Plague”


Figure Study

Don MacGregor

“The Beauty of Nature”


Wedding Group

Suzanne LeStage

“Lovely Ladies”


Photojournalistic Wedding

Suzanne LeStage

“Peek a Boo”



Amber Noble

“Peaceful Dreams


Judges Choice Awards

Marlene Fast

Diane Hanna

“Innocent Plague”


Charles Van den Ouden

Don MacGregor

“Don’t Go into the Woods at Night”

Chelsea Jones

Regina Akhankina

“Historically Accurate Mother Mary”


Karyn Lee

Tasha Hall

“My Mama Thinks I’m Pretty”


Kim Ross

Diane Hanna



Mark Laurie

Corrie Lindroos

“The Mad Hatter”


Becky Fleury

Debbie Malm

“Pear Trio”


Special Awards

Best Student Commercial

Kieran Outerbridge

“The Red Sword”


Best Out of Province Entry

Rabih Madi

“Album Silhouette”


Alvin Shafer Langara Alumni Award – Sponsored by Langara College

Don MacGregor

“Don’t Go into the Woods at Night”


Jan de Haas Award for Most Creative Image

Christian Redermayer



PPOC-BC Photographer of the Year – Sponsored by Technicare

Diane Hanna


Congratulations to all of the Award Winners.




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