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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Featured Member: Bruce Berry F/PPOC, MPA, HLM

Bruce Berry
As an established figure in the photography industry, we will be starting this New Year recognizing and acknowledging many years of hard work, not only in his own career but in this association! This month's featured member needs no introduction to most of us - its Honorary Lifetime Member Bruce Berry F/PPOC, MPA, HLM!

Black and white portrait of an actor by Bruce Berry
The Actor

"Early in my career, working for various Maritime Photo Studios, I was influenced and trained by several mentors, most of whom reinforced in me the belief that a "Professional" photographer should be competent in most disciplines of the trade. The principles of light and shadow, composition, colour theory, and equipment knowledge bridge all the categories, and all have played a part in any professional accolades that I have received.

Photo of Mic Mac Mall at night, by Bruce Berry
Mic Mac Mall

"Taking that to heart, I sought knowledge from various sources, primarily the PPOC, not only in Carriage Trade Portrait and Wedding photography but also in Commercial, Product, Industrial, Architectural, and Pictorial photography. As marketing director for a local company, I also learned the technical and business aspects of, and shot, school photography and church directory family portraiture. Saying that I've done it all wouldn't be far off the truth. 

Moreover, all played a part in maintaining successful, full-time businesses in both Halifax and Truro until dissolving them to pursue a second career that offered an improved family life closer to our Truro home. 

A wedding portrait under street lamps, by Bruce Berry
Wedding Lights

"It was an additional pleasure to introduce and support several other photographers through Berryhill Fine Photography, including their memberships in PPOC and PPOC-Atl, as studio assistants and photographers in their own right. As well, my son Steven has become an excellent and widely travelled Government photographer/videographer, while his twin brother Adam mastered Real Estate photography and videography in Halifax before following his heart to Bonavista, Newfoundland.  

A Grad Portrait by Nova Scotia Photographer Bruce Berry

"It has been my privilege to continue to support and promote PPOC, its regional affiliates, and individual members through activities such as judging, jury chairmanship, image critiques, entering salons, and lately as Chair of the PPOC Ethics Committee. I consider it both an honour and a duty to those who shared and continue to share their knowledge and support with me over the past 50+ years to pass on what I've learned to those who ask. 

A group wedding portrait by Bruce Berry
Wedding Group

"To close though, in the words of the philosopher Confucius, 'Seek not what the Masters know. Seek what they sought.'"

Bruce Berry, F/PPOC, MPA, HLM
PPOC National Citation recipient
Recipient of MPPA (now PPOC-Atl) Fellowship award, Meritorious Award, and Distinguished Service Awards
Namesake of the Bruce Berry Award for Best General Image in the Annual PPOC-Atl Image Salon
50-year member of PPOC, began learning photography in Air Cadets in 1964
10 PPOC Accreditations
Retired owner of Berryhill Home of Fine Photography studios, Truro and Halifax
Creator of the current PPOC Judging system
First PPOC NEC Chairman
Founding member of Truro Imagemakers Photography Club (1981), and current program organizer.

A photo of salt mine blasting by Bruce Berry
Salt Mine Blasting



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