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Competition in any discipline can bring out the best in people.
This is certainly the case for the Professional Photographers Of Canada, who have just completed their 2020 National Image Competition. Some of the Most Talented Photographers in Canada (and the world), participated by submitting up to four images to a panel of Judges. A variety of Photographic Genres was available.

In judging the images, many aspects are considered including Technical Ability; Story-Telling; Impact; Composition and more. There are a wide range of genres that allow photographers to exercise their creative talents. These include everything from Architechture; Animals; Fine Art; Editorial; Portrait; Experimental; Industrial; Newborn and so much more. This Competition is just one of the amazing benefits of belonging to the PPOC. Imagine competing with some of the best photographers in the world - and having Expert Judges assessing your images. It can ony make you a BETTER PHOTOGRAPHER!

Here are the FINALISTS for 3 of the PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR CATEGORIES, plus the Terry Robertson Masters Award, and the Best In Class Nominees. If you are thinking of hiring a Professional Photographer for any type of occasion - you can guarantee yourself an Excellent Experience by selecting an Accredited Member of the PPOC. Here are a listing of the Best of the Best Nominees - and some of their incredible work.


Portrait Photographer of the Year / Le Photographe Portraitiste de l'Année:


child portrait outdoors

1. Krista CRELLIN MPA  (artist of above image) 


child portrait boy

2. Becky FLEURY  (artist of above image) 


newborn baby

3. Cindy HAINS   (artist of above image)    

4. Railene HOOPER          5. Cassandra JONES          6. Breanna SAHULKA


last supper portrait

7. Victoria WEST  (artist of above image) 


Commercial Photographer of the Year / Le Photographe Commercial de l'Année:


wedding bride groom

1. France BOUCHARD   (artist of above image)      

2. Katherine CALNAN


commercial photography cereal

3. Jayme DUNN  (artist of above image) 


safari elephant sunset

4. Louise GINGRAS MPA  (artist of above image) 


outer space astronaut

5. Jacquie MATECHUK  (artist of above image) 


ballerina dancer

6. Nicole NOYCE MPA  (artist of above image)      

7. Merle PROSOFSKY MPA          8. Jeff WALLACE          9. Paul WRIGHT MPA


Photographic Artist of the Year / L’Artiste Photographique de l'Année:


1. Allan BAILEY MPA          2. Marc BAILEY MPA


nature wolf winter

3. Danielle BARABE´-BUSSIE´RES  (artist of above image) 

4. Daphne CARLYLE MPA, SPA          5. Vanessa DEWSON MPA         


monet forest

6. Susan DYKSTRA MPA  (artist of above image) 


nature landscape

7. Dave HUTCHISON  (artist of above image) 



dog canine pet

9. Tracy MUNSON CPA  (artist of above image)   



pinup diner

11. Isabelle POTVIN (artist of above image)

12. Louis-Philippe PROVOST


steampunk industrial

13. Linda RYMA CPA  (artist of above image) 


Terry Robertson Masters Award / Le Prix Maître Terry Robertson:

1. Lee Sanger MPA SPA          2. Paul Wright MPA          3. Gina Yesnik MPA


Best In Class Nominees:


ARCHITECTURE:     1. Ronald Buzikievich HLM MPA SPA          2. Louis-Philippe Provost          3. Merle Prosofsky MPA

PRODUCT ILLUSTRATION / Illustration de Product:     1. Kim Downie MPA          2. Mike Houghton          3. Mike Wing


EDITORIAL / Éditorial:     1. France Bouchard          2. Katherine Calnan          3. Nicole Noyce MPA


PICTORIAL/FLORAL / Floral et Paysage:     1. André Poirier          2. Jeff Wallace          3. Paul Wright MPA


EXPERIMENTAL/UNCLASSIFIED /Expérimentale/Divers:     1. Allan Bailey MPA          2. Susan Dykstra MPA          3. Lee Sanger MPA SPA


CONCEPTUAL ILLUSTRATION / Illustration conceptuelle:     1. Marc Bailey MPA          2. Jenny Gwynn MPA          3.Marlene Palamarek CPA


PORTRAIT:     1. Marc Bailey MPA          2. Claude Brazeau MPA          3. Victoria West


CHILD PORTRAIT / Portrait d’enfant:     1. Krista Crellin MPA          2. Ammara Sadiq          3. Victoria West


WEDDING PORTRAIT / Portrait Mariage:     1. France Bouchard          2. Krista Crellin MPA          3. Jackie Standing CPA


PHOTOJOURNALISTIC WEDDING / Mariage Style Journalistique:     1. Adam Feldstain          2, Rabih Madi


FASHION / Mode:     1. France Bouchard          2. Katherine Calnan


INDUSTRIAL / Industrielle:     1. Kim Downie MPA          2. Merle Prosofsky MPA


PRESS / Presse:     1. Kenneth Parnell          2. Trevor Pottelberg CPA          3. Paul Wright MPA


ANIMAL / Animaux;     1. Danielle Barabé-Bussières          2. Darwin Mulligan MPA


FINE ART / Beaux-Arts;     1. Roxane Hamel          2. Dave Hutchison          3. Louis-Philippe Provost


GROUP PORTRAIT / Portrait de Groupe:     1. Breanna Sahulka          2. Railene Hooper          3. Cheryl Webb


FIGURE STUDIES/ Nu Artistique:     1. Regina Akhankina          2. Nicole Noyce MPA          3. Victoria West


WEDDING GROUP / Groupe Mariage:     1. Melanie Cervo          2. Rabih Madi


NEWBORN / Nouveau-Nés:     1. Cindy Hains          2. Cassandra Jones


Congratulations to all the photographers nominated here - their work is simply amazing. If you wish to see more images from these talented artists, I suggest checking their various Social Media Platforms or business websites. Final Awards will be handed out at our Annual National Convention at the end of April - which is in Saskatoon, SK this year.

Becoming a member of the PPOC, means joining "a family". It's an organization that provides Mentorship programs as well as many Provincial and National Activities. Take the FIRST STEP in becoming an Elite Photographer and join the PPOC.




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