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Submitted by Kathryn Gardner As I write this installment from my cozy couch in the BC interior two weeks ago, it is minus twelve degrees outside with nighttime temperatures dipping down into the -20°’s. The driveway has been plowed more times in the past week than the entire winter last year, and we are settling in for an extended period of cold. Now I can hear our members in the “real cold” parts of Canada guffawing! “Minus twenty!” you say, “that’s a balmy-day walk in the park!” But for us in the temperate zone, negative double-digits is a time for hunkering down with hot cocoa and a good book. May I suggest you trade that book for an afternoon on-line with PPOC, and become familiar with all the things you can do with your membership?

Home Page

The Home Page contains large icons linked to valuable information throughout the website. The logical place to start is Membership, but instead of being logical, let’s surf around and see what gems we can pick up. Check out the menu icon on the top left of any screen to see a list of information – the who’s and what’s of PPOC. Now LOG IN and check out that menu icon again. It’s a whole new ballgame because there is a myriad of information and resources that are exclusive to YOU, members of PPOC!

Tucked under Member Resources, you will find Webinars covering a host of business and artistic topics  - you could spend the entire winter in this section alone.

Cartoon Contract

Contract and Model Releases provide customizable templates that you can use as-is or edit to suit your specific needs. Fellowship Papers is home to theses written by members to earn their Fellow of PPOC. When you click on a topic you will first see a gallery of beautifully crafted and inspiring images. Above the gallery is a link to the 7000-word thesis providing insightful reading that will educate and empower you as professional photographer.

You will also find Logos and Membership Seals that Accredited and Active members may use for marketing and promotional purposes and Retired and HLM members can use to honour their profession and relationship with the PPOC Community.

Acreditation Seals

Now jump to Member Search. Type in your own name and take a look at the beautiful images on your personal profile page. What?! No gallery? Mon Dieu! Do not pass go! Do not collect $200! Head straight to the Image Upload Page and complete your bio. Remember, this database is searchable by the prospective clients, and I have personally gained work directly from this listing.

Kathryn's Profile LIsting

Need some light reading material? Check out the current issue of Gallerie Magazine; and catch up on Back Issues from as far back to July 2012.

Gallerie Magazine

While you are surfing, bookmark the Calendar page and return there often to keep abreast of PPOC conferences, programs, socials, webinars and other happenings in your Region and Nationally.

February Calendar

Got a question, idea or want to get more involved? It is easy to contact the National Board of Directors and National Portfolio Holders. If you want to contact a Board Member or Portfolio holder in your specific Region, Start here and scroll down to the province you are looking for. Your Board and Committee Chairs are a friendly and approachable bunch who love to hear from you. So please don’t be shy – reach out anytime.

Do you feel like you are missing something and perhaps not getting the most from your PPOC membership? Check out the Mentorship Program and complete your Protégé Application to get yourself paired up with someone who has been around for a while and can help you take full advantage of all that PPOC has to offer. Of course, if you’ve achieved your goals and want to help others, the mentorship program is always looking for help. Click here to offer your services as a mentor.

Let’s head back to the Home Page for a minute. If you are reading this post, then chances are you’ve already found the PPOC Blog, AKA “News”. This section includes both news and information, but also informative articles such as this one. Did you know that you can submit your own blog posts and gain merits towards your designations? If you’re eager to share your knowledge or stories, submit them to the Blog Editor, Mona D’Amours at

From the Home Page, you can also access FAQ’s. This section is written from your clients’ point of view and answers many of their questions from Who owns copyright to my images?” and “Why do I need professional headshots instead of doing one myself with my phone?” to “Why does a photographer charge what they do for an 8x10 when I can just print it locally for $2?” and “What is the benefit of hiring a PPOC Accredited Photographer?”. This information on this page is invaluable to use in your own marketing efforts.

There are also many quick links from the Home Page to much of the information described above.

Phew! With all that surfing, you’ve probably exhausted your cocoa and are ready for an evening beverage and we haven’t even looked at Inspiring Image Galleries, CopyrightCovid-19,  Diversity and Inclusion ResourcesImage CompetitionMerits, information and so much more on our PPOC Website. Don't forget about our exclusive Facebook Page for PPOC Members only with announcements, discussions, sharing of images, and for keeping up-to-date with what's new. So prepare another beverage, enjoy your surfing and make the most of your PPOC membership.

Kathryn Gardner is the current BC Regional Chair. Since joining PPOC in 2013, Kathryn has achieved the Master of Photographic Arts (MPA) and is accredited in Environmental Portrait, Travel Illustration, Animals, and Equine. PPOC has done wonders to help Kathryn improve her photography and she is proud to have made the shortlists for BC Photographer of the Year 2020 and National Photographic Artist of the Year 2021. Kathryn continues to strive for POY but in the meantime has become a certified judge and looks forward to serving on the judge’s panel. 




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